Township of Long Hill
Long Hill Uniform Police Patch
Police Department
Chief Ahmed Naga
264 Mercer Street, Stirling, NJ, 07980
Non-Emergency Phone 908-647-1800
Fax: 908-647-0355



The Long Hill Township Bicycle Patrol Unit creates a more approachable atmosphere for the community. Bicycle patrol provides an excellent opportunity for the officer to interact with individuals on a one on one basis or in a group setting. The informal contact strengthens community trust and allows for the officer to be more approachable. Bicycle officers patrol areas of the community that are not as easily accessible by patrol vehicles. These areas usually consist of shopping mall parking lots, school grounds, parks, wooded areas and other locations with a heavy concentration of pedestrian traffic. Having the officer in close proximity to the public allows for the officer to hear citizens' concerns and the ability to act directly to those areas.

The bicycle unit plays a significant role during the Freedom Tour Bike Race, the Memorial Day Parade and the Street Fair, as well as the other events. At those events, the patrol officers keep the pedestrian traffic safe and assist those in need where a patrol vehicle could have created a possible hazard.

The bicycle unit can also be seen during neighborhood block parties. Officers attend the gatherings to explain bicycle safety to the children and answer any concerns the parents might have.