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Weather Permitting, Rec Basketball will run on the following Saturdays:  11/19, 12/3, 12/10, 12/17, 1/7, 1/14, 1/21, 1/28, 2/4, 2/11, 2/25, 3/4

(Please note-we do not make up days lost due to inclement weather.)

GRADES 5-8 Play-Offs









Grades 7/8

Team 4 vs Team 3


Grades 7/8

Team #2 vs team 3


Grades 7/8

Team 5 vs Team 6


Grades 7/8

Team #1 vs team 5


Grades 5/6

Team #1 vs Team #3


Grades 5/6

Team 1 vs team 2


Grades 5/6

Team #2 vs Team #4


Grades 7/8

Winners of ‘3/4  8am and 9am games for Championship





Grades 5/6

Team 3 vs team 4


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 Portable Clock Rules For Basketball

Recreation Basketball Grades 1-8

We offer a Recreation Basketball Program for Long Hill children in grades 1-8.  These programs run on Saturdays in the public schools—Millington School and Central Middle School.  Everyone who registers will play—there are no try-outs for the Recreation Basketball Program like there is with our Travel Basketball Program.  (Travel Basketball Players are also allowed to participate in our recreation Basketball Program.)

Our Recreation Basketball Program is designed to help our kids develop their basketball skills and an understanding of the sport through participation in age-appropriate drills along with modified scrimmages (which increase as they get older).   In addition, there is a coincidental but definite social aspect to the programs as the kids like to see their classmates on the weekends, and parents like to congregate on the bleachers and watch the kids.

Our programs are run by adults experienced with the program, and we employ high school and college student helpers.

In grades 1 & 2, the children are grouped by gender, they play with a smaller ball, and the baskets are much lower.  This program is run in the new gym at Millington School.  Once assigned, their scheduled start and end time will not change during the program period from week-to-week.

TENTATIVE 2016/2017 SCHEDULE FOR 1st and 2nd GRADERS (All Programs are at Millington School)


1st Grade Girls:  9am - 9:50am
1st Grade Boys (Group A):  10am – 10:50am
1st Grade Boys (Group B):  11am – 11:50am
2nd Grade Girls: 12noon – 12:50pm
2nd Grade Boys (Group C): 1pm – 1:50pm
2nd Grade Boys (Group D): 2pm – 2:50pm

(Note: Parents were notified of Group Placements in separate email.)

In grades 3 & 4, the children are still grouped by gender, and they are divided up into teams made up of 3rd and 4th graders.  From week-to-week, the start times will vary.  Teams will be scheduled every hour between 8:30am and 11:30pm (last program ends at 12:30pm).  Each week, the session will start with skills and drills and end in a modified scrimmage.  Initially, more time will be spent on skills and drills, and less time will be spent scrimmaging.  As the program builds, more time will be spent scrimmaging.  This program is held at Central School Old Gym.


In grades 5-8, the children are grouped on co-ed teams into a program for 5th & 6th graders and another program for 7th & 8th graders.  Each week, these teams scrimmage each other with a running clock and referees.  Each team also has employees on the bench who help to teach and coach them during the games.  Each team will have a team captain who is one of the players.  Names of players who have indicated an interest in being chosen as a team captain during the registration process will be put into a drawing.   Players who have not been previously chosen will be given preference, and we usually choose 6th graders for captains of the 5/6 grade teams, and 8th graders for captains of the 7/8 teams.  Once captains are chosen, they are invited to a “draft” where program instructors work with the players to select the teams.  Captains are responsible for notifying their teammates of their assignments, checking player availability each week, alerting the program supervisor of any issues with player availability, helping with substitutions during each game in accordance with league rules, and helping to coach (while playing) during the games.  These games are played on a rotating schedule with games scheduled every hour on the hour starting 8am and concluding at 1pm (last game start time 12pm).  Each team will play a one hour game with rotating start times each week during the first 10 weeks of the program, and there will be play-off games during the last 2 weeks of the program.   This program is held primarily in Central School New Gym.

Note:  In the past, responding to parent/player requests, we have tried to offer a gender-grouped program at this age group.  We have not had a large enough group of girls come forward to support this.  Therefore the program in grades 5-8 has remained a co-ed program.

Recreation Basketball - Adult Open Play

The Long Hill Parks & Recreation Dept. is offering Adult Open Play Basketball for registered residents and their registered invites who are 18 years and older.  To be eligible to participate, pre-registration is REQUIRED prior to play.  Registration is not available at the gym.  Registration is available online through Community Pass (select Fall 2016). 

WHEN:             Thursdays, 7:30pm – 9pm

DATES:            October 20 - March 9, 2017 (* unless gym is not available)

WHERE:           Central School Old Gym

FEE:                 $20 resident; $30 non-resident

AGE:                Adult—18 years and older

*NOTE:  Gym will be closed on the following dates: 11/10, 11/24, 12/29, 2/16. Gym may be closed on additional nights as the Bd of Ed dictates for weather and/or school events. 

*NOTE:  If there are not enough registrations by 10/19/16 to show that this program is viable and in demand, this program will be canceled so that the gym space can be used for youth basketball.  ABSOLUTELY NO ONE WILL BE PERMITTED TO BE ON SCHOOL PREMISES WITHOUT PRE-REGISTERING.  THIS IS A SECURITY ISSUE.

Always carry a photo ID as you may be asked for it for security purposes.

Recreation Basketball Programs 2014/2015

Congratulations to all of our Recreation Basketball teams.  Thank you for a great season!


1st Place, Grades 7/8

2nd Place, Grades 7/8

1st Place, Grades 5/6

2nd Place, Grades 5/6


Every week I find something after basketball practices and programs. 
Please stop by the Rec Dept to claim your missing items.

Fall/Winter Employment Opportunities: 

To support our Basketball programs (both Rec & Travel), we will hire individuals as timers, scorekeepers and referees to help build basketball skills with the students in grades 1-8.  Applicants must be at least 14 years of age and in 9th grade or higher.  Ideal candidates will be able to demonstrate an ability to work well with children and will have a complete understanding of the sport.  First aid training a plus.

Applicants must be available weeknights and on Saturdays. 

Returning and new applicants must complete the Employment Application (posted on the LHT website and on the Recreation Bulletin Board). 

All applications are due to the Rec. Office by October 1st.  

Township of Long Hill Recreation Dept.
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*Township of Long Hill is an Equal Opportunity Employer.