Township of Long Hill


LHTV is available on: Comcast channel 29, Verizon channel 37 and YouTube

Verizon & Comcast Schedule

Township Committee:
7:30pm - Wednesday (LIVE)
7:30pm - Thursday
9:00am - Friday
12:00pm - Saturday
7:30am - Sunday           

Planning Board:
7:30pm - Tuesday (LIVE)
11:00am - Thursday
12:00pm - Friday
7:00am - Saturday
12:00pm - Sunday

Board of Adjustment:
7:30pm - Tuesday (LIVE)
11:00am - Wednesday
12:00pm - Sunday

Board of Education:
7:30pm - Monday (LIVE)
12:00pm - Tuesday
9:00am - Wednesday
1:00pm - Thursday




This community bulletin board also plays on
Comcast-29, Verizon-37 & Verizon-38.

Submit your bulletin board announcements online - click here for the form.

The Communications Advisory Committee oversees LHTV. Our Policies and Procedures are here.