Township of Long Hill



Long Hill First Aid Squad
PO Box 145, Gillette, NJ 07933
Non-Emergency Telephone: 908-647-2181

Captain: Bob English
President: Robert Hovanec 

photo of First Aid Squad building
First Aid Squad Building, Valley Road, Gillette



The township has been served by the volunteers of the Long Hill First Aid Squad since 1993, when the Millington First Aid Squad (founded in 1941) joined with the Township of Passaic (TOP) First Aid Squad (founded in 1974) to coordinate Emergency Medical Services in the Township of Long Hill.

In 2018, the Long Hill First Aid Squad responded to over 700 emergency calls and drove over 10,000 miles.  In addition, the Squad members presented numerous CPR and first aid courses to scouts, scout leaders, school nurses, and Township residents.   The members also provided standby services at many township events.

photo of First Aid Squad vehicles

Today, the squad has three modular ambulances fully stocked for virtually any scenario.  The newest modular ambulance was purchased in March 2008, almost entirely with funds donated by community residents and through fund raisers.

During its recent fund drive, the squad finished raising enough money to purchase the newest ambulance. The new ambulance replaces one which had been purchased in 1995. The new ambulance is far more technologically advanced than the other two, and enables our members to more efficiently treat and transport our patients.

The members of the squad are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, often with two crews available per shift.  At this time, the squad averages three calls per day and frequently has two ambulances out on the road at the same time.  The squad provides mutual aid to Berkeley Heights and Warren on a regular basis and to other surrounding municipalities when needed.  During the summer, the squad provides service at all the township special events, the WHRHS football games.  The First Aid Squad participated in the coordinated response to the September 11, 2001 WTC Disaster.

The squad always needs volunteers, especially in the daytime hours.  Duty shifts are normally 5 to 8 hours and are built to meet your schedule.  While on duty, you do not need to be at the Squad building.  Most members respond from home.  The Squad encourages high school and college students to join. 

If you have any questions about the squad, or you wish to join, please email us at

2021 Executive Officers of the Long Hill First Aid Squad
  • President:  Robert Hovanec
  • Vice President:  Bob English
  • Treasurer:  Elsie Turqman
  • Recording Secretary:   Scott Orshan 
  • Corresponding Secretary: Gordon Redgate
  • Captain: Carly Snyder
  • 1st Lt.:  Jim Dellureficio
  • 2nd Lt.: Mike Hoffmann
  • 3rd Lt.:  Claire Butkerait
  • Chaplain:  Ethel Ross

Meetings:    First Tuesday at 7:30 PM - General Membership
                             Second Tuesday at 7:30 PM - Monthly Training Session