Township of Long Hill

Shade Tree Commission
Meetings: 4th Monday, 7:00 p.m. - Check calendar

The Shade Tree Commission is responsible to advise the Township Committee on all matters pertaining to the planting and care of trees and shrubs on all public roads and parks; to recommend programs to prevent the spread of diseases or pests from trees on private property; and to encourage arbor culture. 

Trees available through grant in Long Hill

Arbor Day Foundation Names Long Hill Tree City USA

Information regarding the Spotted Lanternfly

Check your Ash trees for the killing Emerald Ash Borer.


The Long Hill Township Shade Tree Committee would like to remind all residents and business owners about proper care of your trees.  Mulching can keep weeds away and preserve moisture to the tree roots but improper mulching can kill your trees.  Please see the following PDF of a brochure on proper mulching technique, aka “Volcanoes Killing Trees in New Jersey”.
Mulch Volcanos Killing Trees


Tree Removal Permit shall mean a permit issued by the Shade Tree Commission authorizing the applicant permission to remove a Township tree.

Tree Removal Registration shall mean a registration filed with the Township Clerk on the official Township form before a property owner or tenant removes a tree 12” in diameter or greater from private property.

The Shade Tree Regulations Ordinance prohibits cutting down trees along the Township right-of-way and on undeveloped lots, unless a permit is obtained.  A copy of the ordinance (23-3) is available at Town Hall. 

A permit is NOT required to cut trees on any private property that contains an existing one or two family dwelling (23-3.3c1) or on a tree farm (23-3.3c4).


Right-of-Way is measured from the center line of the road.  Divide the number of feet listed below by 2 and then use that number to measure from the center of the road to determine right-of-way.

Bungalow Terrace 33 feet
Castle Place 40 feet
Central Avenue 66 feet
Chestnut Street 60 feet
Davis Road 33 feet
Dogwood Terrace  
     East – West of Old Forge Road 33 feet
     East – West of Skyline Drive 66 feet
Elm Street 60 feet
Gillette Road 33 feet
Hamilton Place 40 feet
Home Street 33 feet
Ideal Street 33 feet
King Drive 60 feet
Land Street 33 feet
Long Hill Road  
     Between Cresent & Division Ave. 66 feet
Longview Terrace 33 feet
North Avenue 60 feet
Poplar Drive  
     To Bay St., 75 feet to end 60 feet
Summit Avenue  
     East of Mountain 45 feet
Taft Drive 40 feet
Youngsters Lane 33 feet
All other roads have a right-of-way of 50 feet.


Susan Jeans
Paul Tamburri
Gordon Redgate
Phyllis Fast
Ann Cade
Peter O’Neill
Guy Pisercia, TC Liaison
Al Gallo

The Shade Tree Commission meets on the 4th Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m.

Click here for the 2021 Shade Tree Commission Dates, Agendas and Minutes


The Shade Tree Commission has assembled this list of the Big Trees in Long Hill Township.  Go Look for yourself !  Stop at Town Hall to obtain a complete tour package, which includes a description and identification notes for each species, and a package of maps to locate each of these giants.

This list was compiled in 1993.  If you can't find a tree that is listed, or if you know of a bigger one, please notify the Shade Tree Commission.

Visiting these trees is a nice bicycle ride.  Please be careful.  And Please respect property rights as you make your tour.

Species Caliper (1993) Location
Old Mill Road Millington
American Sycamore 65.25" 47 Old Mill Road
Norway Spruce 32.2" 42 Old Mill Road
Shagbark Hickory 16.88" 42 Old Mill Road
Basking Ridge Road/Oaks Road Millington
London Plane 50.32" 30 Basking Ridge Road
Hackberry 18" 101 Oaks Road
Hemlock ?? ?? Oaks Road
Hicks Tract and Long Hill Road Millington
Eastern Red Cedar 11.78" Hicks Tract
American Chestnut 9.55" Hicks Tract
Scotch Pine 16.56" Hicks Tract
Horse Chestnut 42.67" 1764 Long Hill Road
White Oak 54.46"
141 Carlton Road
Blackgum 18.8" Carlton Road
Red Oak ?? White Bridge Road
Northfield Road/Valley Road Millington
Honey Locust 21" 206 Northfield Road
American Beech 66.25" 1803 Valley Road
American Holly 12" 1803 Valley Road
Mulberry 46.5" 443 South Northfield Road
Red Maple 57.33" 443 South Northfield Road
American Arborvitae 31.2" 7 Indian Run
Long Hill Road Stirling
Kousa Dogwood 9.5" Broadview Road
Look down into Great Swamp
Sugar Maple 41.72" 1050 Long Hill Road
Tulip Poplar 47.75" 1050 Long Hill Road
Redbud ?? 1143 Long Hill Road
Ginko 35.67" 1292 Long Hill Road
Sassafras 23.57" 1292 Long Hill Road
Main Street Stirling
Zelkovia 17.5" Main Street
White Ash 43.3" 256 Main Street
Red Pine 28.34" Stirling Railroad Station
White Pine 38.8" Stirling Railroad Station
Pin Oak 41.1" 480 Chestnut Street
Silver Maple 46.2" 150 North Avenue
Meyersville Road east of Meyersville Circle
American Elm 42" 183 Meyersville Road
Black Locust 26.75" 223 Meyersville Road
Struck by lightning, August 27, 2000
White Willow 62.42" 542 Meyersville Road
Meyersville Road west of Meyersville Circle
Upright European Beech 15.9" Sassafras Lane
Hidden Valley Nursery
Cedars of Lebanon 18.8"
Weeping Higan Cherry 12.75"
European Larch 22.3"
Valley Road, Gillette
Catalpa 45.2" 738 Valley Road
across from Gillette School