Township of Long Hill
Office of Emergency Management
Director Joseph Hubert

How You Can Help

The Office of Emergency Management relies on community volunteers to assist in times of emergency. To learn more about the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), USA On Watch (Neighborhood Watch program), Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) or Police Explorers, please contact Director of Emergency Management Joseph Hubert at  908-647-6131

Operation House ID
Can 911 find your home when every second counts? The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is currently working on a project called Operation House ID. This program encourages all property owners to display their House Numbers by purchasing a decorative sign and placing it near their mailbox or entrance way. By displaying your help number you assist the police, fire and fist aid members to easily and quickly locate emergency calls.  
To order your House ID sign click HERE!

Special Needs Registry for Disasters

Local Emergency Planning Council (LEPC)
Chief of Police
Police Lieutenant
First Aid Squad Captain
Fire Company Chiefs
American Red Cross
Township Mayor
Township Committee Member
Township Administrator
Public Works Director
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Superintendent of Schools
Representative of Local Newspaper
Representative from local businesses
Volunteer Residents

Meetings: Four Times Each Year

The Long Hill Township Emergency Management Program is designed to maximize the resources and personnel available during times of emergencies and disasters and at the same time minimize the threat to life and property from natural and technological disasters.

The Township Committee appoints an Emergency Management Coordinator and 2 Deputy Coordinators to prepare disaster management plans, declare a "state of emergency", and coordinate the responses of emergency personnel within the Township.

The main focus of the Office of Emergency Management is to coordinate actions to mitigate, prepare for, respond to and recover from the effects of an emergency. The Emergency Management Program establishes emergency procedures and coordinates activities involving Alert and Warning, Damage Assessment, Emergency Operations Center, Evacuation, Fire and Rescue, Hazardous Materials, Law Enforcement, Public Heath, Public Works, Radiological Protection, Resource Management, Shelters and Social Services Reception and Care, and Public Schools. This Office is also responsible for providing the public with up to the minute information on all disasters and emergencies.

To maintain a state of readiness the Office of Emergency Management conducts meetings throughout the year and conducts a series of tabletop and functional exercises to simulate disasters and to test the response capabilities of the township's emergency response personnel and equipment.

The office of Emergency Management also maintains mutual aid agreements with surrounding towns as well as the Morris County Emergency Management and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, to assure additional personnel and equipment will be available and ready when needed.

The Local Emergency Planning Council (LEPC) is appointed by the Township Committee to serve as a forum for assisting in the development of Emergency Management Plans. In addition to the Council, members of the Long Hill Township Citizen Corps, Medical Reserve Corps and Police Explorers can provide additional support by assisting the Emergency Operations Center during times of emergencies and disasters.

In the past the Long Hill Township Emergency Management Center has been activated to coordinate activities during floods, snow storms, structure fires, gas leaks, Y2K, water shortages and motor vehicle accidents involving chemicals or explosives.

If you are interested in learning more about the Long Hill Township Office of Emergency Management, or would like to join one of the Emergency Management Programs, please contact Director Joseph Hubert at  908-647-6131.

To review what is being done by other government entities with regard to Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, we recommend these websites:
HazMat exercise
HazMat exercise

 As the threats and emergency needs of our community change so must the ability of the Long Hill Township Emergency Management Team to meet these needs. It was very rewarding to see how the many years of training, planning and testing of the Emergency Management Program comprised of Municipal officials, Police, Fire, First Aid, Public Works and other government agencies can work together to protect and serve the needs of both our community and our surrounding communities, regardless of what the threat may be.

If you have any questions concerning the Long Hill Township Office of Emergency Management Program, please contact Joseph Hubert - Director Emergency Management by email at or by calling  908-647-6131.