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A Message from your Fire Prevention Official

Replace the batteries in your Smoke Detectors when you adjust your clocks for daylight savings time.
Do you know when your chimney was cleaned?

The township's Fire Prevention program is the responsibility of the Fire Official/Fire Marshal.  The Fire Prevention program is mandated by state law.  The Fire Prevention Program is intended to protect the building, its occupants and firefighters.

In Long Hill Township, the Fire Official has four major responsibilities.

PLEASE NOTE: New fee pricing effective September 1, 2014. You may reference:
Ordinance 334-14 Amending Fire Prevention Fees
Ordinance 335-14 Amending Life Hazard Fees

If you have no smoke detectors, you must install them prior to the change of occupancy.
  • For 1 and 2 family residences, these can be battery-operated detectors, available at local hardware stores.
  • Obtain the Smoke Detector handout at Town Hall. If you have questions, ask the Fire Official for additional guidance.
  • Purchase and install the smoke detectors in the recommended locations in the house.
  • Follow the last 4 steps below.
If you have existing battery-powered smoke detectors.
  • Follow the 4 steps below.
If you have (or ever before had) wired smoke detectors.  (This is a system where all smoke detectors sound at once if any one one detects smoke.  You may have wired smoke detectors if the house was built after 1977 or if the wired system was required during a remodeling or expansion.)
  • The wired smoke detectors MUST BE operational.  If you removed them or replaced them (with battery-powered smoke detectors) for any reason, call an electrician, and get them back into service.  Once wired smoke detectors have been installed, the house must forever be protected by wired smoke detectors.
  • Follow the last 4 steps below.
If you have a central station fire / smoke / security alarm.  (This is a system that automatically sounds an alarm at an alarm company.)
  • You must have the instruction manual handy, the person who admits the Fire Inspector must have a working knowledge of how the system operates (so it doesn't send a false alarm when it is tested), and there must be ready access to the control panel.
  • Follow the last 4 steps below.
  • Install fresh batteries.
  • Contact Town Hall (908-647-8000 ext 210) to schedule an inspection and pay the inspection fee.  (A reminder: you also need a Sump Pump (freshwater runoff) Compliance inspection.  Apply at the same time.)
  • Be sure that someone is home to admit the inspector.  If the inspector cannot gain access, you cannot be inspected and will have to re-schedule.
  • The inspector will give you a Compliance Certificate, which the attorneys will require at the closing.


The Fire Official regularly inspects all commercial buildings and multi-tenant housing, AND when requested by the Police or a citizen's complaint.  These inspections cover the following items, but are not limited to:

Unobstructed Access to all exits Storage of flammable waste
Unobstructed Access to the sprinkler system controls and standpipe Access to the fire and smoke alarm control panel
Sprinkler heads not obstructed Proper working of the fire and smoke alarm systems
Proper number and type of fire extinguishers - and current inspection Post and check occupancy levels at halls, restaurants and schools

Repeated violations are subject to fines up to $5000.


The Fire Official investigates all fires and explosions in the Township.


The Fire Official is available at  Town Hall.

To contact the Fire Official- Don Huber, to report a violation, call 908-647-8000, ext. 307

To schedule an inspection, call 908-647-8000, ext. 307  You must pay the fee by cash or personal check before the inspection can be performed.